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Artist Bio| 

Bay Area artist, Deadeyes, has been actively contributing to the art community for over 20 years. Initially, Deadeyes tapped into the Bay Area art sphere with his involvement in the public art scene. Deadeyes is known for taking a street aesthetic and mixing it with traditional Indigenous Art and Black Futurism. In the past 10 years Deadeyes has been concentrating on murals and installations. Taking his line work into physical form and off the canvas, using wood and found materials. Making routers and jigsaws as important as pens and spray paint.

Artist Statement |

In this show “Cut the Line” Deadeyes teams up with Geoknotic, a CNC artist/fabricator to not only cut lines into wood but layer it. Now as lines stack 5 layers deep the lines take on new life. Lines now may cast shadows and add depth. 

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