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Juror Statement | Yoonjee Kwak 

Congratulations to the Applied Contemporary Gallery and to all the participating artists in the ‘Constructed Ceramic Exhibitions’!

It has been a very great honor for me to jury this exhibit. My sincerest thanks to all the dedicated and inspired artists who created the many beautiful works that were entered into this exhibition.

This show will always be extra special for me. It is my first experience as a juror in my career as a ceramic artist. I have found your commitment and creativity to be an inspiration, and I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity to with all of you. I extend my deepest gratitude to Ian and Mary Catherine Bassett of the Applied Contemporary Gallery for inviting me to be part of this meaningful event at their gallery.

I was deeply impressed with the beauty and artistry of the works, which made the role of juror very challenging. I examined each piece with certain ideas and questions in mind. There was a need for a vision that would establish a cohesive meaningful presentation, an at the same time a need to honor the artistic merit of each individual piece. I was looking for answers to what might be the artistic merit of each piece, what the artist might be wanting to convey in the work, and what unique forms, original thinking and personal creativity guided the artist to choose the specific skills and techniques employed in the making of each piece. I was looking for innovative and personal work that represented a full spectrum of techniques, concepts and artistic sensibilities, to curate an exhibition that truly represented the excitement of Constructed Ceramic Art of today.

Congratulations once again to all ‘Constructed Ceramic exhibition’ artist.

These are strange and difficult time. Let us all continue to be creative and allow all the opportunities and challenges before us continue to guide us on our journey of self-discovery.

Be safe.

Be healthy.


Thank you.


Sincerely, Yoonjee Kwak. Oct. 2020

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