Tiffany Tang


6.5 x 5.5 x 5.5”



Tiffany is interested in creating purposeful connections and direct relationships through this vehicle of functional work. The scale of the work is made for the tabletop, asking to be handled and enjoyed. Her work takes a lot of time. Everything she does to the piece has a purpose. There are many stages in the process, and each informs what the next step will be, leading to the work existing as an accumulation of experiences. The use of colors and patterns are a form of inviting joy into the work. Blue greens, dark teals, serenity blues, pastel pinks, rosy quartz, palest yellows, lavender blushes, lilacs, and orchids.


Tiffany finds meaning by affecting others through her work, creating the connection when the work is in use. She finds ways to make up for the loss and insurmountable sadness she has in her life by connecting with humanity within her work using the visual, tactile, and function. As trauma is a loss of the self, you are forever trying to get back what you had lost only to find that you can’t. By creating connections beyond the transitional with her work, the charisma and the perfection of the pottery is very much about bridging the divide of that loss. By seeing the value of growth through struggles and pain, she wants people to be drawn into this beauty to find a shared human connection. The work has a constant humanity that never falls away, but instead transforms with people as time moves forward. Tiffany wants to be able to touch people’s lives by bringing forth beauty in the world, even in the smallest ways.


Rain Clouds Tell Me Otherwise