Catalina Chen






When the only representation of people like you is stereotypes, that is all people will see. Every action becomes about denying or affirming their preconceived notions. It is my duty to keep creating and representing myself as accurately as possible. My work provokes thought about inequalities and see through my eyes. I am proud to be a Colombian and Chinese American and aim to create art that captures the dichotomy and duality of these parts of myself.


I consider all of my works to be self-portraits, each illustrating a different facet of my personality. As I continue to produce more and more art, the resolution of my self-image and artistic identity becomes clearer. Drawing from my daydreams, I like to fuse terrestrial and celestial elements that embody my own prismatic universe in a lighthearted and humorous way. Collectively, my works act as a record of the emotions I experience, the strongest being love. I am a romantic and I hold the value that I can create objects that have an extraordinary effect on myself and others. I aim to make people laugh and incite the same joy that I experience while creating.



I am a 23-year-old artist and small business owner and recent graduate from USF Muma College of Business. I am a first-generation American born and raised in Tampa, Florida. I started producing art when I was very young then began selling my creations in elementary school to my peers and anyone who was interested and have been doing the same ever since. I have developed my small business making and selling my art all over the world. I hope to continue to produce works and expand my business. I utilize various media of visual art to communicate because my work extends beyond the subjective limits of language.