Jesus Minguez

Black Porcelaneous Stoneware with slip decoration




Like most cultures, I was raised with a strong sense of family and duty.  Being Filipino, I was also raised in a community where great importance was placed on the act of serving others. My work is made with that simple intention in mind. The goal of my work is to have it act as a medium to help others slow down so they can enter a state of quiet, peaceful contemplation.  In a fast-paced world with constant distraction, it can be easy to lose sight of the importance of things and people.  It can be a struggle to remember from where things come.  It can also be a struggle to connect with nature in this digital age, but I choose to work with clay each day to strengthen my connection to nature and the past.  I am constantly humbled and reminded of nature’s power and importance in our lives.  Through clay, I connect with nature.  Clay and nature can exist without me; I cannot exist without them.