Momoko Usami

Cone 6 Porcelain 

7/8 x 5 x 5 1/8” 



I am interested in variety of everyday movement for use. For example, stack cups, turn the light on, jump in a puddle, open a jar, try to look back of my head, dry plates on drying rack, etc. Functional ceramics start at the time from when you complete the firing. Owner’s every touch make the pot alive. Even if it breaks, that could be fixed with Kintsugi and will be added special personal memory and history to it. I make functional work with sculptural mind. People’s move will give my work an action. I attempt to make people conscious about the motion that is given by somebody touching works. My role as an artist is to enrich person’s everyday life by being able to touch and feel my work, and by discovering fresh views through it. I am seeking mutually related figurations between the viewer and my work. I would like to pursue my expression not just as a tool for life, but also to recognize daily consciousness. 




Momoko Usami received a BFA and MFA from Kyoto City University of Art in Kyoto, Japan. After she completed two years as a resident artist at Lillstreet Art Center in 2009/2010, she built her personal studio in rural Missouri near Kansas City where she teaches small art classes for the community. Momoko draws inspiration from many things, including Japanese painting from the Edo period, dreams, and daily encounters on the street. Her unique, playful and often interactive ceramic works have been shown in the United States, Canada, and Japan. 

You Do It Small Plate