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“Raising Voices” Exhibition and Fundraiser represents the diversity of AAPI ceramic artists with the hope that this event serves to galvanize AAPI artists. The aim for this exhibition is to raise funds supporting AAPI non-profit organization, and even more so to raise awareness regarding the violence that is happing against Asians in America. For Asians, experiencing racism is nothing new, often overlooked and not acknowledged.  We are at a pivotal point in America. Now is the time to facilitate change and fight for equality and equity, to amplify our voices; not only for AAPI communities, but also for all communities who are marginalized.


We can cultivate allies, but we need to work for it!  It is for this reason why we need to raise our voices and speak up, to let other communities know what we are experiencing. Whether it be micro aggressions or violent attacks, the fact of the matter is that as Asians we face challenges and difficulties that threaten our well-being simply for being Asian. Working for unity and solidarity with our supporters is how we eliminate hate and racism towards Asian, Black, Latinx and LGBTQIA communities.


We want to thank you all that are participating in this show and all who have supported us. This would not be possible without you all! It’s my hope that as we confront hatred we can do so with love and peace in our hearts rather than hate. Certainly, a most challenging task.


Much love and peace to all,

Non-profit organizations
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