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Meet the Jurors | 
Justin Paik Reese
Artist Statement

"My work is heavily influenced by memories and experiences that are on a teetering edge of what is real and constant and what becomes misconstrued over time. Growing up in a dilapidated town full of architectural genius, and often traveling to South Korea at a young age to visit my mother’s family, I have a beautiful clash of opposites that fill my mind when revisiting my past. I can vividly recall my grandfather’s ginger jar that sat next to his piles of bodybuilder magazines, often wondering why I never questioned that coexistence. There’s something profoundly powerful and lasting when elements of a reality don’t quite make sense. Living through the chaos of the ‘90s and experiencing pop culture through the lens of two different worlds, I try to find ways to embrace that turbulence and integrate those subtleties into what I create. I try to display the same contrast in my work, evoking thought and question, tugging at the viewer to experience something odd. I am in pursuit of what makes something truly memorable, attempting to forge confusion into beauty."


Justin Reese currently lives in Youngstown, Ohio, where he has a family and personal studio. Justin fires his work to cone 10/11 in soda-fired reduction inside of a downdraft kiln that he built back in 2017. Graduating in 2010 with a BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design, Justin has since been focusing on refining his forms, always trying to discover efficiency whenever he can. His passions and inspirations involve 90’s pop culture, retro video game collections, old school sports figures, and architecture, all of which are a source of inspiration for his current work.

Jamie Bates Slone
BatesSlone_Jamie_HeadShot copy.jpg
Artist Statement

My current work is purely driven by will and emotion. It is a cerebral exploration of my own mental states. With these ideas in mind, I have dug myself a vast well from which to pull from. By getting to the roots of my own anxiety and depression and further exploring subjects like motherhood, sexuality, life balance, and upbringing, I create work that resonates universally while simultaneously reflecting my own unique experiences. I choose to sculpt the female body in all of its operations, using scale, vignette, and color to encourage the viewer to further confront their own psyche and presumptions. 


In my studio practice, anxieties often materialize through clay. Both sculptural and functional, the objects I create are continuously evolving as I further explore the complexities of the human condition from a female perspective. My work is a self-portrait that is ever-changing as I am physically and mentally maturing. I see my art practice as necessary as medication and therapy are to my mental wellbeing. It works as an outlet and has given me a voice to communicate feelings that I had previously felt compelled to hide.


I find strength in knowing that my work has meaning beyond my own healing and understanding. As I begin to better understand my own body and mind, I feel compelled to advocate for others who have yet to understand their own. I hope to achieve that by creating work that communicates the incredible healing message of "you're not alone."  



Jamie Bates Slone is currently an Assistant Professor of Ceramics at the University of Oklahoma. She received her MFA from the University of Kansas and her BFA from the University of Central Missouri. Her work addresses the fragility of the human spirit in the midst of physical and mental illness.

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